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1957 Zundapp KS601 Image - Engine

A close up view of the engine. The similarities with BMW's boxers are hard to deny, but the Zundapp KS601 engine was developed entirely by Zündapp-Werke.

The chrome cover on the front houses both the ignition points and the generator's brushes and commutator. The Cylinder above is the voltage regulator. Beneath the engine top cover is the ignition coil.

The Zundapp KS601 crankshaft is a one piece unit, unlike the BMWs of that era which had pressed crankshafts. The Zundapp connecting rod incorporates a removable end cap which houses needle bearings running in split needle cages. A unique arrangement that looks a little iffy but seems to hold up well. The wrist pin end of the con rod has a pressed bushing. Forced oil lubrication is used throughout the engine.

The Zundapp KS601 engine from the front left.
       The 597cc Zundapp KS601 engine. Basically the KS600 Engine with some
       technical improvements, so they called it the 601 to distinguish the two.

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Zundapp drive shaft, U-joints, and pinions.