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1957 Zundapp KS601 Pictures

I've got to apologize for the age and quality of my 1957 Zundapp KS601 pictures. I'll try to do something about it soon. As for the condition of the bike, a friend retrieved it and a parts bike from a barn, their resting place of fifteen or twenty years according to the guy who wanted rid of them. Despite the obviously less than pristine condition, the old bugger runs pretty decent and goes down the road rather nicely. Brakes and suspension are smooth. I certainly intend to clean it up, but it does surprisingly well as it is.

Click for look at the Zundapp KS601, from front left.
Click for a look at the Zündapp KS601, from rear right.
Click for a look at the Zundapp KS601 engine, from front right.
Click for look at the Zündapp KS601 engine, from rear right.
A look at my 1957 Zundapp
KS601 from the front left.
A look from the rear right. A closeup of the 1957
Zundapp KS601 engine.
Another closeup of the
engine from the rear right.

Click for a view of my shop.
A view of my shop.

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Zundapp drive shaft, U-joints, and pinions.