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1957 Zundapp KS601 Image - Front Left

Kind of a poor image of my poor condition Zundapp KS601. The data plate states it's a '57. The title says it's a '58. In reality, it was common for the factory to ship them with the last digit unstamped so the dealer could bestow upon them the year of sale, thus leaving the proud new owner with the comforting impression they had the latest and greatest. Mine is actually most likely a '56.

The basic KS601 model ran from 1950 to 1957 with just a few variations. In 1952, responding to BMW's rising popularity, Zundapp introduced the KS601 Sport with a 34 horsepower engine. In 1957 the standard KS601's got an increase in horsepower from 28 to 35, or perhaps 34 depending on the source. Additionally, plunger rear suspension was replaced with a swingarm and the designation changed from Zundapp KS601 Kardan Sport to the KS601 Elastic.

A view of the Zundapp KS601 from the front left.
       1957 Zundapp KS601. Actually probably a 1956 stamped as a
       '57 by the dealer, for those looking at the plunger suspension.

It is interesting to note that the chrome fared very poorly against time. I suspect the German steel industry was in bad shape and the actual chromium content was quite low. Fortunately, the exterior belies the shape of the innards. The gas tank is totally clean inside and the brakes are very smooth, no roughness or grinding.

Note the 225 head for my '65 W200 by the KS's front wheel. This is the old style with the spark plug "seal" tubes. Guess I'm a glutton for punishment. It has hardened seats and stainless valves now. You may have noticed the old radial in the background? Victim of a gear up landing. Now a unique wall hanger, which finally actually made it up onto the wall (this is an old image).

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Zundapp drive shaft, U-joints, and pinions.