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1957 Zundapp KS601 Image - Rear Right

A view of the suspension and engine of my '57 (or so) Zundapp KS601 from the right rear. I think the suspension is beyond cool. The rear looks similar to the BMW R69S but, again, far from being any kind of copy, Zundapp was a contemporary competitor with BMW and considered every bit its equal in quality and reliability.

I have since obtained replacement cuffs, or schutzkappe's per the KS601 parts manual, for the shaft drive. The rear is pretty well gone. Somebody made a hell of a mess using electrical tape as a field expedient repair. That'll be fun to remove.

The observant among you have probably noticed the seat doesn't look too stable. To be honest, I have not used the seat when riding the bike, instead sitting on the super stout rear fender. This was mostly because I was trying to put together a full set of non-leaking fuel shut off valves and finding it to be a tall order. In the mean time I was using an old Clinton engine gas
A view of the Zundapp KS601 from the rear right.
       The plunger suspension of my Zundapp KS601. Variously documented
       as a 1957 or 58, the suspension suggests it's actually a '56.

tank, vise gripped to the front seat mounting bracket, to the exclusion of the seat itself. I am happy to report that I finally just bought a set of Zundapp KS601 repro valves from Germany, about 90,00€ for the pair at the time. The Clinton tank and vise grip setup looked like it could result in a news worthy event. Probably wouldn't have gotten much sympathy either. Too many other fools to compete with.

Anyhow, what I was getting at is that riding on the rear fender was quite comfortable for short cruises around the area. It's a testament to how effective the plunger suspension is in soaking up bumps, although I haven't had to eat any big ones.

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Zundapp drive shaft, U-joints, and pinions.